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My Photography is inspired by a concept, creative vision or story.

My soul is drawn to timeless portraiture of the Victorian Era, abandoned homes, buildings and old cemeteries.

These forgotten portraits and places somehow evoke distant voices of laughter and tears of lives that once lived and loved.

With vintage clothing and props, I direct my subjects attempting to tell a story in the form of a photographic image that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own way.

I feel very fortunate and humbled to have had my images selected for Art Galleries and numerous juried shows. Colborne Art Gallery, John M Parrott Gallery, SPARK Photo Festival, Northumberland Gallery.  My membership with Spirit of the Hills and Quinte Photo Club has also further enhanced my learning and enthusiasm. 

As we are all unique beings, I approach Family and Portrait Photography on a individual basis. In studio or outdoor sessions are available.

Please Contact me for a confidential consultation. I can help you determine which style of portraiture best tells your personal story!

Thank you so much for visiting my website ! 



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