About Me - Lori Jane Photography


Being a wife, mother and "Grammie", Photography has always been very important to me in documenting the memories and people in my life.


In my family portraits, I attempt to capture an individual personality or a certain special connection between family members.  But most times, it's those candid moments that are captured in an image that means the most.

History is fascinating to me and I am drawn to locations such as abandonded buildings or old cemeteries.  These forgotten places somehow evoke the distant voices laughter and tears of lives that once lived and loved.  

This attraction drew me into creating my own "stories" through Photography.  I found, with vintage clothing and a few props, I could direct my subjects in  an attempt to tell a story...a story that can be interpreted by the viewer in their own way.     

I also enjoy creating slideshows of my images to music. 

I look forward to the day one of my images may grace the cover of a book!!  

Thank you so much for visiting my website ! 



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